We are looking for brand ambassadors, who will represent the brand-Manidhara Realty. Be a part of the conglomerate that not just lives up to its promises, but also creates realty projects, which are masterpieces in their own sphere. So if you are an out-of-box thinker and are sure of performing extraordinarily, then we would definitely like to hear from you.


Life @ Manidhara Realty

Manidhara Realty, as a leader in the real estate sector in Surat, Gujarat, provides endless opportunities for professional growth in promising times like this. We have the credentials of the past and the authority of the present to provide a positive promise for the future. A stimulating work environment, rich and diverse exposure and an inspiring leadership are few reasons that make Manidhara Realty a great place to work. The workplace provides multiple opportunities to the associates to learn and improve on their knowledge and skills as they work towards meeting their present and future targets..


Competency training

Development programmes


Self driven workforce

Healthy work environment


Greater career growth

Monthly feedback mechanism

Career With Us