Manidhara Realty is the most trustworthy Infrastructure, Commercial, Housing and Hospitality Real Estate Development Company based in Surat, India. Established in 2009, the company’s principal objective is to deliver radical innovation and excellence in each project. Manidhara Group holds a core value that retains the internal forte of the team and eventually it can keep on raising the performance standard and thereby remaining the most professional, reliable and accomplished property developer in India.

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Manidhara Realty worked with renowned Astavinayak Developers in several projects. Manidhara surpasses international standards in everything it does; all the systems, infrastructure and engineering employed by the organization are calibrated to match the best available. In its several years, as a focused Construction & Property development company, Manidhara, has established a strong presence in the Property Development Market. The Group sees its property development business as a major thrust area.

The Indian property development sector is already amongst the fastest growing in the world and in the coming decades, is likely to emerge as one of the largest in the world. Manidhara firmly believes that it is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the increased need in Property Development. Manidhara is the one property development company which is working on a philosophy of putting customers interests first, as they will be Brand Ambassadors for the future business. The Projects are designed by internationally renowned Architects, Interior Designers & Experienced Project Team continually focused on the company's core competencies.

Our Mission and Vision


Manidhara Group is a market-focused and process-centered property and real estate development and management firm with a vision to be a spearhead in commercial, infrastructure, housing and hospitality development industry by introducing innovation and excellence and thereby adding value to customers and society at large.


Manidhara Group strongly inclines to make the trade of buying and selling of real estate, infrastructure, housing and hospitality project cost efficient while exploring and executing new ideas and technologies that can be implemented and create core value to the customer in this rapidly progressing real estate market.